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Shielded Circle, Inc. was formed to help those who are struggling with excessive unsecured debt and need a way out.  Our programs were developed through years of experience and research into what really works to stop collections, lawsuits, foreclosures, and asset seizure.  Banks and credit card companies will break down and negotiate but only if they are forced to.  The Collections Shield is a highly refined system designed specifically for the purpose of putting debt collectors in a position where their normal collection tactics are no longer effective.  Once collectors realize they cannot collect they will be open to negotiation and accepting offers of pennies on the dollar as payment in full.  No other program on the market is as effective and affordable as the programs from Shielded Circle.

We have a full staff of dedicated customer service professionals that work with customers every step of the way.  Every required step in the program is clearly communicated and assistance is always available via a customer support website.  Help is only a step away via telephone, email, fax, or support ticket functions.  All customers enjoy unlimited customer support during the entire time of their enrollment in the program along with extensive informational and educational materials.  Working together we help customers fight back against the big banks and credit card companies and regain their financial freedom.

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