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Put the Shield Around Your Finances
Shielded Circle, Inc. was formed to help people who are struggling with debt and are looking for a way out. Whether you are looking for a bankruptcy alternative, asset protection, unsecured debt relief, mortgage modification, foreclosure avoidance, or help in dealing with debt collectors, Shielded Circle, Inc. can help.  Our extensive experience in asset protection, creditor deterrence and financial education can help you deal with your creditors and lenders and put you in control.

We help you to know and exercise your rights when dealing with your creditor’s collections actions and put you on an equal playing field.  Now you too can gain control of your financial affairs, protect your assets from seizure, force the banks and credit card companies to negotiate with you, and have the peace of mind in knowing that you are protected by the Shielded Circle.

The programs offered by Shielded Circle are the result of years of experience and are supported by a professional staff that gets results where others fail.  We have helped thousands of clients who struggled with excessive debts, bad credit, and foreclosures.  All or our programs are customized to fit the exact needs of each client and we have extensive documentation to back up our claims that our programs work.

Bankruptcy Alternative
The Shielded Circle is a viable alternative to bankruptcy that gives you similar protection to a bankruptcy yet without all the negatives.  With the leverage the Shield provides, you will be able to get your creditors to accept payment far below what you currently owe – and have it reported to the credit bureaus as “Paid as Agreed.”  Not only will you get out of debt for less cost, you will also not have a bankruptcy on your credit report.

Don’t let creditors bully you into filing for bankruptcy – you have another option with the Shielded Circle.  Call 800-694-8180 today to speak to one of our “bankruptcy-avoidance” specialists.

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